Citizen Challenge – January 2023

Invite 3 people to learn more about American Promise and the movement to end the dominance of big money in politics!

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Short Answer – Amending the U.S. Constitution takes a lot of people!

Longer Answer – The solution that American Promise is pursuing to end the dominance of big money in American politics is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We believe an amendment is necessary because it’s the only solution that goes above the Supreme Court to become the new law of the land. There is no higher authority in the United States than the Constitution – it is where all branches of government derive their power. It is a long-term solution.

Also, since amending the Constitution takes a supermajority ⅔ approval from Congress to be proposed, and then ¾ approval from the states, we must ensure that the American people are educated on both the problem – our representative government has been taken over by big money and is in crisis, and the solution – a U.S. Constitutional Amendment.

Every person who joins this historic movement brings with them their own unique perspective, set of skills, connections, energy, etc.