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Learn and participate in the historic campaign to end the dominance of big money in American politics by passing the For Our Freedom amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

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What is the American Promise Action Center? ​

Welcome to the American Promise Action Center! This is the place to learn and participate in the historic For Our Freedom Amendment Campaign to restore the people’s voice in government by ending the dominance of big money in American politics. Login for free to start your journey by exploring the learning and action resources available to members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

American Promise is an organization comprised of over 100,000 professionals, elected officials, business leaders, volunteers and supporters working for passage of the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment and ensure that 38 states are ready to ratify that amendment.

Check out this page for the text of the amendment and FAQs:

Yes – we love volunteers, and we need you. Reach out using the chat icon and get in touch.