Volunteer Teams

Community Outreach is critical to our success because it’s how we grow the For Our Freedom Campaign large enough to amend the U.S. Constitution! The purpose of this team is to educate and engage people in communities from coast to coast to support the mission, and help to grow local American Promise Chapters.

This team is the lifeblood of every state as it continues to bring more and more people into the cause. This team uses a variety of creative ways to engage local communities such as; tabling, canvassing, peer to peer outreach, giving presentations to groups, and whatever other (legal) creative ways the team can come up with!

Business Leaders are uniquely qualified to point out how pay-to-play politics do not help business, but threaten innovation, healthy markets, and economic growth. In addition, business has a compelling interest in helping to restore public trust in our society—and faces significant reputational, regulatory, and systemic risk if this issue is not addressed. Use this document to take action and grow awareness in your local business community.

Major grassroots campaigns take a lot of resources! American Promise is leading the charge to add the For Our Freedom Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by 2026! In order to be successful we will need to hire more staff and run campaigns all across the country. This team does fundraising events, local or national, virtual or in-person, strategizes how to grow our resources, and connects with people who give to charitable causes and may want to help fund our mission.

Legislative Advocacy for American Promise is taking action to build support for the For Our Freedom Amendment by helping to pass local and state resolutions, citizen ballot initiatives, talking to elected officials at all levels of government, and getting candidates and elected officials to sign the Candidate Pledge. It is critical to our success because a constitutional amendment needs to be supported and voted upon by a large majority of our elected officials.

Writing is critical to our success because it’s an extremely effective way to educate the public, grow our movement, and put pressure on elected officials to support the For our Freedom Amendment. This team writes letters to the editor, articles, and comes up with creative ways to use writing to get the word out. This team also builds connections and relationships with local media figures.

Young Americans are breaking the stereotype of being disengaged with politics! Facing issues like high student loan debt and the mounting consequences of climate change, the rising generation is mobilized to incite change. From coast to coast, Young Americans are taking action to reclaim their voices in a political system that seems to make decisions that don’t reflect their best interests for the future. This team is made up of Young Americans who are leading the charge for the For Our Freedom Amendment by networking with other Young Americans.

Coalition Building is Organizing 101. The For Our Freedom Amendment will happen when civic groups unite around the amendment, when business leaders agree that this change is necessary, when interest groups like agricultural producers, veterans organizations, law-enforcement associations, faith groups, and others, speak loudly and in a singular voice:

“We Support This Movement and it is Time to Act!”

Coalition Building is simply educating these separate entities, motivating them to get involved via a Resolution or Endorsement, then leveraging their support to gain more support which leads to legislative victory.